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Traditional Film
Starting from as little as 0.10c each

Relive Your Old Memories, Prints From 35mm & APS Film.

Products in this Category

Film 135mm,aps Or 110 Inc Prints Only €15

To process your film you have a number of options.

1./Drop it into a number of our retail outlets(addresses below) and we will call you when it is ready and you can either pick it up or we can send it back to you.
2./Send it via post preferrably registered to our main processing centre and we will send it back to you.We will return the film with a envelope for your next film free
We have a set fee of €15 including prints,and index print also including delivery within Ireland for whatever film or disposable camera  you have whether 135mm,APS or 110
If you would like them emailed to you via dropbox please only purchase neg only and email option

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER WITH THE FILM.(if you send in multiple films please specify the number you have sent)

We can also put your film onto CD or email you via our Drpbox

address to send to below or drop into us

Navan Frame and Photo Centre,
Unit 1A Balmoral Industrial estate
Kells Road
Co Meath
C15 A38E
Product Options
Surface options available: Glossy
Surface options available: Matte
Order now from as little as €15.00 each

Product Details
We will call you if you have requested collection

Negatives Only €6

Your film negatives only sleeved and in a photo wallet
Product Options
Add your own Photo
Order now from as little as €6.00 each
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